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2017-18 Conferences

Please consider supporting IBC’s 2017-18 conferences.

High priority opportunities:
Kenya – 10,000 pastors in Kisumu
Kenya – 10,000 pastors in Kisii
Uganda – 7,000 pastors
Uganda Youth – 3,000 youth leaders
Liberia – 5,000 pastors

Other opportunities:
Malawi – hundreds of pastors
Mozambique – hundreds of pastors in partnership with BGFM
Trinidad & Tobago – 100 pastors
India – 3,000 pastors
Philippines – 200 pastors, basketball outreach & crusade
Cuba – 200 pastors

IBC Africa

Although Pastor Samson Akhaya has been a supported staff member for a few years, we wanted to highlight the important work he does in Kenya and beyond.

He has been faithfully Pastoring the Kasule Community Bible Church in Kisumu, Kenya since June 2006 and serves as a church planter and member of the eastern presbytery of PCU.  Pastor Akhaya continues ministering to past conference attendees and is working hard planning 2017 IBC conferences in two Kenyan locations which will serve a total of 20,000 pastors.

Jeff Anderson PIJN Interview

Watch Jeff Anderson’s recent interview with Dr Chaps (Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD). You’ll learn a lot about IBC and Jeff’s heart to serve his indigenous brothers in Christ around the world.

Jeff Anderson @ Bob Jones Univ.

IBC’s Jeff Anderson was honored to be a featured speaker at the “The God of Hope” 2017 Bob Jones University Bible Conference, February 14-17.  Check out the videos of Jeff’s messages there, linked below.

Bob Jones University 2017 Bible Conference – Session 3, Jeff Anderson

Bob Jones University 2017 Bible Conference – Session 7, Jeff Anderson

IBC Asia


Pastor Eddie and Val Gerodias and Zenith Gerodias-Diaz (their daughter) live and work in the Philippines, but their reach throughout Asia is substantial.

Zenith is a new IBC staff member and together they continue working closely with IBC to produce annual conferences in the Philippines and other surrounding countries. After recent meetings here in the US IBC will be pursuing a wider geographical influence under the leadership of the Gerodias’.

IBC India

IBC missionaries to India, Madhu and Jamin Padhia, have returned to India after spending the a few months in the US visiting family and friends, raising support, and ministering around the country.

Madhu has been involved in Christian ministry in India since 1998. He has formerly worked as a professor at a Bible institute, evangelist, counselor, and administrator of mission-run social work agencies. Since his marriage to Jamin Subramanian, they have been serving the Lord together in India through International Bible Conference. Jamin has previously been involved with International Bible Conference as she organized and performed concerts to raise awareness and financial support for the ministry. Following their calling as a family, they now serve in India to build-up the local leadership in churches in India. They do this by traveling to churches in both urban and rural parts of India to train, equip, counsel pastors and others in local church leadership in India. They are also involved in discipleship and evangelism as they provide counseling to young adults from different walks of life.

IBC Endorsements

  • A true work of God, - as I have seen and heard what God is doing in and through the International Bible Conferences, I am in awe.The Holy Spirit is being poured out on Africa. God has and is equipping 10's of thousands of men to proclaim His Word, the true truth, going forth in power, bringing glory to His Holy name.

    David Genn Slavic Gospel Association
  • As for me, I support IBC and believe that it is a timely partner that the Lord has sent to help thousands of Native Pastors who are either poorly trained or have mostly not had any form of Theological Education. These conferences that emphasize expository preaching and sound doctrine are like the voice of the one crying in the wilderness in these days of heretical prosperity gospel and rampant syncretism among mostly the Indigenous Churches.

    Pastor Thomas Shelwah Director of Education, Evangelical Church Union of Liberia (ECUL)
  • I have begun preaching verse by verse, and it is yielding a very positive result among our congregation.  Our church members are now searching the scriptures on their own due to the change to expository preaching!

    Pastor Matthew Gonkerwon Monrovia, Liberia
  • IBC is the real deal! Dedicated pastors. Expository preaching. Christ-centered churches. Accountable leadership. On-going training.  Spirit filled worship. I count it as a great privilege and blessing to call Jeff Anderson a friend and partner in ministry.  As I sat in the soccer stadium in 2010 with thousands of pastors receiving their own Bibles, listening to great preachers, praying and singing together, I was simply overwhelmed with all that God is doing in my motherland.

    Pastor John Dix Grace Church Glendora, CA
  • I have been thrilled to be a part of IBC, exposing national pastors and church leaders to expository preaching and sound doctrine, and I have seen the impact of this ministry first-hand.  IBC has already touched tens of thousands of lives and has the potential of impacting millions for the cause of Christ.  The African church desperately needs the truth of God’s Word, indigenous pastors need to preach God’s Word, and IBC is calling them to this great and worthy task.  I cannot think of a more strategic ministry of which to be a part.

    Pastor Lance Gentry Austin Bluffs Evangelical Free Church, Colorado Springs, CO
  • IBC is not talking about changing the world for Christ. They are doing it!  IBC is assisting local churches globally for the glory of God…  God is doing something special at IBC: Millions are being strengthened in their faith as their own pastors are being challenged to preach the Word. How do you share the gospel with millions around the world? How do you strengthen the church? Challenge an army of men who will preach the Word of God. This is the ministry of IBC. Preach the Word! This is the command of God, the cry of Scripture and it is the message of IBC. Powerful! Thousands of pastors on their knees committing themselves to preach the world of God. IBC is assaulting the kingdom of darkness.

    Pastor Mark Henry First Baptist Church Hemet, CA
  • As I catch a glimpse of what God is doing throughout Kenya, I am humbled and grateful that God would allow me to minister to such dedicated saints, some of whom have traveled great distances to attend this conference.  It is an honor to teach a group of men the Word of God. Their excitement for our Lord shines through as a bright light observable to all who surround them.

    Pastor Eric Cartier Rocky Mountain Calvary Church, Colorado Springs, CO
  • I could never have imagined the far reaching impact of IBC in Africa – until I participated in the preaching at the Kisumu, Kenya conference! The hunger of the men to hear the Word, the joy and excitement they manifested in learning to preach the Bible expositionally will stay with me forever. It is a tremendous logistical undertaking to plan and execute these large conferences in a third world country, but it was done seamlessly to the glory of God. May there be many who rise up to pray and support the anointed efforts of IBC.

    Pastor Lester Heinze Red Rocks Baptist Church, Denver, CO
  • In East Africa the gospel is moving very fast, but the teaching is shallow. Because of the great need many churches have been opened, but the pastors who lead those churches have no theological education. They don’t have study bibles (commentary) and they can’t interpret Gods word, so they lead churches in dreams, visions and story-telling. But the IBC conferences have benefitted many Ugandan pastors. They can now interpret the bible, their lives have been changed and God’s word is now ruling their faith. Please support this ministry, so that pastors may be trained with the sound doctrine, so that they may go back and equip their leadership in the church to equip their people and so they may be able to overcome the false doctrines that are moving around.

    Pastor Morris Ogenga Mbale Presbyterian Church of Uganda
  • I marvel at how the Lord has used IBC in Eastern Africa during the last 10 years. What we have witnessed is unprecedented, I believe. The results of IBC's ministry are both local (the establishment of many African-led local churches), and vast (the equipping of tens of thousands of African church leaders in Christ-exalting exposition). Hour after hour, despite torrential rain and oppressive heat, multitudes of men are learning the Word of Christ. More importantly, they're being prepared and urged to return home and teach others (2 Timothy 2:2). It's indigenous missions at its most effective. If the Gospel is as powerful as we believe, and it is (Romans 1:16), we may be part of an advance of biblical Christianity of pandemic proportions. I pray so, and I urge you to participate: "Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth(3 Jn 8).

    Pastor Chris Anderson Killian Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA
  • I will frankly say that it takes the voice of God and great faith to do what Jeff and his team are doing. Through the conferences I have seen great revival. many testimonies, life changed especially at this time when crime rate and false preachers are all over we need Bible speakers who point at God and His Word not self. If you see how attentive the pastors are and patience, eargerness and the Multitude, Most of them don't have a sturdy bible and even the bibles some own are torn and even you will find that its a gift. More over most of them have no Theological Background i.e have never been to a Bible school. surely God is behind it. I am glad to be part of what the Lord is doing in East and central Africa through the Conference.

    Pastor Samson Akhaya Kasule Community Bible Church, Kenya
  • IBC is our partner in Laos since 2008, reaching the tribal people and teaching the local Pastors with a sound biblical teaching. Pastor Jeff Anderson and the rest of the team are such a great blessings.  May you continue to partner with us and if possible to come and visit us soon again here in Laos.

    Pastor Jamin Rodero Laos
  • Jeff is high performance leader with a strategic ministry in Africa. International Bible Conferences is effectively impacting tens of thousands of pastors and is worthy of your support.

    Paul Seger Director at Biblical Ministries Worldwide
  • I had the privilege of being with Jeff at one of the International Bible Conferences – Kisumu, Kenya. It was a wonderful time together. What a joy to see so many local Kenyan Pastors being taught from the whole book of Colossians as Jeff and the team taught expository. Not only to be taught but then to see the excitement as the Holy Spirit ministered to them through the Word. There is a huge need for these types of conferences where the local Pastor is rooted in the Scriptures. I look forward to partnering together even more as Precept Ministries longs to see people established in God’s Word.

    Stuart Kemsley Regional Director - Africa at Precept Ministries International
  • I would like to add my name to those who have endorsed and recommended Jeff Anderson's Bible Conference ministry in Africa. Africa is a spiritually besieged continent -- from African traditions that superstitiously enslave millions, to aggressive Muslin sects, to bizarre and aberrant versions of Christianity (so-called) such as the Word Faith movement, prosperity gospel hucksters and charismatic preachers bringing false signs and wonders -- and with all that we must not forget decades and decades of liberalism and Roman Catholicism spreading a gospel which is not the Gospel. Bible and Truth teaching churches and pastors in Africa need all the help and encouragement they can get and Jeff's work is a much needed and vital part of that effort. This work brings solid biblical truth with a heart and compassion for the lost that is much needed in Africa -- I heartily recommend his ministry in that spiritual dark and needy land.

    Kevin Zuber Professor of Theology at Moody Bible Institute
  • God has used Jeff in amazing ways through International Bible Conference. Thousands of pastors in Africa are learning about and seeing how to do expository preaching. They are being given tools and an example that will help them to lead their churches into a knowledge of God that will far surpass anything they have experienced before. No doubt, God is blessing innumerable saints by Jeff's bold leadership and vision in this ministry.

    Tom Zobrist Senior Pastor at Liberty Bible Church
  • Tho we are different from each other, if we work together thru IBC’s conferences we can do great things for God.

    Pastor Harry Arana Filipino missionary to Indonesia

IBC Prayer

  • The Gospel goes forth boldly
  • IBC’s work honors God
  • Faithfulness, wisdom & discernment for IBC leadership
  • Organizational excellence
  • New partners in the ministry
  • Logistics & funding for proposed 2017 conferences
  • Many more indigenous pastors and church leaders are reached and equipped

Interested in exposing native pastors to expository preaching and sound doctrine through Bible conferences?

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