2017 IBC Conference Opportunities

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Please consider supporting IBC’s 2017 conferences.

Current priority opportunities include:

  • Uganda – 7000 pastors = $140,000
  • Uganda Youth – 3,000 = $60,000
  • Kenya – 20,000 pastors in 2 locations = $400,000
  • Malawi – hundreds of pastors for the 1st time in Malawi = $60,000
  • Mozambique – hundreds of pastors in partnership with BGFM = $60,000
  • Cuba – 200 pastors = $10,000
  • Trinidad & Tobago – 100 pastors = $20,000
  • India – 3000 pastors = $80,000 each
  • Philippines – 200 pastors, basketball outreach & crusade = $45,000

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  • Rev mabonga Robert

    We pastors in East Africa more especially we in uganda personally my self I thank the IBC, IBC is not talking about changing the world for christ, aThey are doing it, I remember I last attended IBC pastors conference which was hold in ugandda, it personaly changed my life and the type of preaching, in uganda many pastors now are preaching prosperity other done preaching on sin.IBC is assisting local churches in uganda for the glory of God…….God is doing something special in our lives through IBC:millions are being strengthened in their faith as their own pastors are being challenged to preach the word.How do you strengthen the church? Challenge an army of men who will preach the word of God.This is the ministry of IBC.powerful thousands of pastors we are on our knees committing our selves to preach the word of God.IBC has and is continuing to assaulting the Kingdom of darkness. It is my prayer and plead to all those supporting the IBC in terms of facilitation which make IBC reach her dreams to continue because IBC conference has done reasonable work in our lives. And I pray that we have one next in uganda.
    Pastor Robert mabonga,
    Reformed Presbyterian Church in Africa,
    Email, [email protected]


    I am a beneficially of your past conference in Kisumu-kenya

  • Ronald Beckley

    Am a pastor from Sierra Leone, west Africa. I have received the call of God in my life, over ten years ago. The Lord has called me to start my ministry in Oregon of USA. I have tried various avenues of help but to no avail. Please help me to fulfil my ministry. I came across your organization on the internet. I can be reached on this number +23278591271.

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