IBC President Jeff Anderson
Jeff has been preaching expositional Bible messages at Grace Bible Church in Colorado Springs since 1996.  He began conducting Bible conferences for native pastors in 2004 and has met with pastors in India, Nepal, Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Albania, Russia, and Uganda.

“I love pastors and I love the Word of God!  I have committed my life to encourage and equip pastors to reach their own cultures and countries with the Gospel of Christ.  The Gospel transforms cultures – and native pastors, armed with sound doctrine and expository preaching will change their churches, villages, countries, and continents.  International Bible Conference aims to change the world by exposing native pastors to Bible preaching and true doctrine!”

IBC began in 2004 when Pastor Jeff Anderson of Grace Bible Church traveled to India to conduct a conference for pastors associated with Hope for India and Pastor A.L. Subramanian, an IFCA member.  Each of the pastors were first generation Christians that had been delivered from Hindu culture.  These pastors we re hungry for the Word of God, and they had a zeal to further the gospel!  Pastor Jeff became burdened for native pastors, and he sought a way to come alongside these men to encourage them as they deal with rejection of family and society.

The vision for native pastors expanded later that year when Pastor Anderson had the opportunity to lead a pastor conference in Uganda, East Africa.  Through the connection of Pastor Morris Ogenga, Presbyterian Church of Uganda, over 350 pastors attended and were exposed to sound teaching and doctrine.  By 2011 this same conference had grown to 25,000 pastors attending.  The Lord is truly at work in Uganda, with churches being planted and many souls coming to saving faith.  The greatest challenge in Africa is combating false doctrine and a pastorate whom are generally new Christians.

IBC came to include Southeast Asia when in 2007 Pastor Anderson traveled to the Philippines, Nepal, and Laos.  These men are so hungry for sound teaching, so tender-hearted and responsive to exhortation, and so committed to reaching Asia with the Gospel.  In the communist closed country of Laos, the Lord allowed IBC to meet with 50 Korean, Filipino, Lao, Hmong, and Bru pastors that are begging for more training.  Perhaps you could take three days to teach native pastors so that they could strengthen their churches with sound doctrine!

To date International Bible Conference has held 30 pastor conferences in India, Uganda, Liberia, Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania, Albania, Egypt, Russia, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Laos, Haiti and Brazil.

In 2017 with the assistance of key advisors IBC realigned its mission and priorities by developing the Expositors Alliance (EA) a domestic pastor, church and community focused encouragement, equipping and support initiative.