About International Bible Conference

Many church planters and evangelists in the third world are first-generation believers, and they are converts from Hinduism, Islam, and other forms of paganism.  These converts have a zeal for spreading the good news of salvation, but they possess a limited understanding of God’s Word.

Strengthening and encouraging pastors in The Word directly impacts the local church and its community. Indigenous pastors know the language and culture, but need the tools, training, and encouragement to bring God’s Word to their neighbors.  By combining International Bible Conference’s teaching and mentorship in expositional preaching with the local pastor increases evangelism and church planting effectiveness – especially in countries closed to Western missionaries.

IBC’s existence is two-fold:

  1. To send American teachers to conduct training in expository preaching and
  2. To provide U.S. partners to support these men through prayer and financial assistance.