IBC’s Expositors Alliance

The vision of IBC’s Expositors Alliance is to transform communities through biblical preaching of God’s inerrant Word.  Its Mission is to facilitate genuine spiritual growth among believing congregations throughout American communities by encouraging, equipping, coaching and promoting the development of supportive friendships for their teaching pastors through periodic locally focused retreats, ongoing mentoring and coaching, regular event follow-up and an eLearning website.

Biblical illiteracy is epidemic in America.  People will seldom trust that which they do not know or understand. They certainly will not live according to a standard with which they are unfamiliar.  As a result the church is tracking with a culture in severe decline.

To renew the call to expository preaching throughout church communities in the US by building alliances of local pastors nationwide who are committed to biblical exposition in their preaching and leadership.  Expositors Alliance offers provocative and refreshing Bible-centered retreats designed to encourage, equip, and support pastors and their wives.  Strengthened, godly congregations will be the natural outcome of pastors dedicated to teaching Scripture in depth.  Community and cultural transformation will follow.

Expositors Alliance retreats focus on encouraging, equipping and supporting local Bible expositors and their wives. and yield:

  • Collaborative relationships, as well as lifelong learning and support opportunities for Bible expositors.
  • Strengthened, supported and rightly equipped pastors who dramatically impact the character and spiritual strength of Biblical preaching which alone has the power to transform individuals, churches and communities throughout America and the developing world.

The IBC/EA Pastor Coaching program provides ongoing pro-bono coaching for Bible expositors domestically and internationally.

The IBC/EA eLearning portal provides free and easy access to Bible study tools, sermon and Bible study prep instruction, training videos, etc.

The IBC / EA quarterly regional event and Pastors follow-up program provides event analysis and ongoing local support.

Key partners provide event logistics and resources.

Expositors and their churches are recruited to participate in future IBC domestic and international events.