First Conference in India

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The history and culture of India is as rich and ancient as the history of civilization.  For millennia the people have existed in many of the same ways they do today: construction, farming, education, and even travel have changed very little.  Also remaining are the same superstition and mysticism of their Hindu beliefs; however, the light of the Gospel is penetrating this dark region.   Pastors like IFCA International member A.L. Subramanian are proclaiming the good news of Christ and it is being received by thousands of hungry souls.  Pastor Subramanian is the founder of “Hope for India,” which is training and sending church planters, pastors, and evangelists to establish and shepherd Gospel preaching, Bible believing, Christ centered churches throughout India’s northern states.

International Bible Conference has been active in India since 2004.  A strong partnership was formed between A.L. Subramanian and Jeff Anderson (Grace Bible Church – Colorado Springs) during the first India pastor conference in 2004.

The majority of India’s national pastors are first generation Christians, many pastor more than one church, and they all are hungry for the Word of God and are eager to be equipped for ministry.  These bold servants of the Lord are being used mightily, though under the constant threat of persecution from radical Hindus and Muslims and despite being ostracized by Hindu family and their community.

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