Jeff Anderson Full-Time with IBC

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Sunday, Nov. 20 Pastor Jeff Anderson announced his resignation from the pastorate of Grace Bible Church, with the intention of devoting full time and effort to International Bible Conference. It had become clear that while GBC needs a pastor devoting undivided attention to the local ministry, IBC also demands undivided attention in order to fulfill its mission and vision. The opportunity to expose 50,000 indigenous pastors to Bible preaching each year is compelling!! (see our newest promotional video)

With this move, Jeff is available to serve American churches and spread the IBC story. It will take merely $1 million per year to touch 50,000 pastors – and their congregations of 5 million souls!!

We need your help! Pastors and church leaders can contact Jeff directly to schedule retreats, conferences, and special services. [email protected] or (719) 964-0180.Please help lay the financial foundation. Consider IBC in your end-of-year contributions as well as in your 2017 budget. And please keep the Anderson’s and International Bible Conference in your daily prayers!

2017 opportunities include:

  • Uganda – 7000 pastors – $140,000
  • Kenya – 20,000 pastors – $400,000
  • Malawi – hundreds of pastors in a first IBC Malawi conference
  • Mozambique – hundreds of pastors in partnership with BGFM
  • Cuba – 200 pastors, 2 times – $10,000 total
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • India – 3000 pastors, 2 times – $60,000 each
  • Philippines – hundreds of pastors – and evangelistic crusades

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