David Genn

    David continues to work with the church in the former Soviet Union, and also enjoys acting as a consultant to numerous local churches and mission organisations.

    David served with Slavic Gospel Association for 12 years as a liaison between the church in the former Soviet Union and SGA’s North American partners: local churches, major donors and foundations.  Before that, he spent eighteen years with Awana Clubs International, including seven years as the Executive Director/CEO—a job which provided him the opportunity to minister in over 100 different countries.

    David has participated in numerous training sessions with The American Management Association for Executive Management, has received certificates from Master Planning for completion of their Leadership Academy and Consulting Institute programmes.

    A true work of God, – as I have seen and heard what God is doing in and through the International Bible Conferences, I am in awe. The Holy Spirit is being poured out on Africa. God has and is equipping 10’s of thousands of men to proclaim His Word, the true truth, going forth in power, bringing glory to His Holy name.