Pastor A.L. SubramanianIndia

    A.L. Subramanian, or Manny as he is better known, was born in Kerala, South India. He was raised as a devote Hindu. His parents wanted him to make a pilgrimage to one of the deities for 18 years and become a spiritual leader. But shortly after graduating high school he heard the gospel at an open-air meeting in India and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Of His conversion Manny said the following:

    “Jesus Christ was not an answer to my philosophical search, but / /was a revelation to me. My faith in Christ transformed my life and I became the heir of eternal life. I am a Christian because in Christ I found new life.”

    Because of his new-found faith in Christ, he was disowned by his family but found refuge in several Christian homes. In 1974 he traveled to Delhi in northern India to study for three years in the India Bible Institute. He then came to Jacksonville, Florida in the U.S. to obtain his master’s degree at the Luther Rice Seminary. After receiving his master’s he returned to the Bible Institute in India to teach.

    He married Rachel in 1981 and God blessed them with four daughters. An International Missionary Organization appointed Manny and his family as missionaries to North India in 1982. They preached the Word of God in many villages and began Bible Studies in these villages as souls were brought into the kingdom.

    Manny heard of BOAM (Bible Open Air Mission) in 1997 and after meeting with the director became greatly interested in the ministry. When BOAM went to India he came down to one of the first seminars held, and after seeing the ministry first-hand and conferring with the leaders of BOAM, he became convinced that this was the ministry that God had for him. Manny was accepted on staff with BOAM shortly after that.

    He was recently appointed as India Coordinator, over all of BOAM’s work in India. Because of his many years of experience already as a missionary in the north of India and his fluency in Hindi, Malayalam and English he is well suited for the task. He believes that BOAM is a mission that is well suited to reach the Indians effectively for Christ. The great burden of his heart is to see his beloved people saved. He also founded Hope for India (Center of Hope).  Also associated with IMI/SOS International (exists to minister to local churches by providing interim pastors, pulpit supply, and a variety of consulting, counseling, and educational services to train church leadership and mediate personal and organizational conflicts.)